Sale and cutting of bronze, aluminum, brass and copper

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years of commercialization of bronze, aluminum, brass and copper

Elba Metalli

ELBA was established in 1959 as a small Emporium of Bronze and Aluminium Ingots (Emporio di Lingotti di Bronzo e Alluminio). At the end of the 80s, in order to tackle growing market demands, Elba Metalli moved to significantly larger premises, where the level of specialisation attained allowed the company to offer their increasingly demanding customers every range of product in aluminium, bronze, brass, copper and cast iron alloys.

Thanks to their own fleet of vehicles, Elba can distribute tonnes of materials all over Italy, just a few hours after an order is received, making the company a reference point for all users of non-ferrous materials.

As a result of the company's investments in the metal cutting department, Elba is able to supply cropped rods and sheets in aluminium in any thickness.

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